The Learning Space

Our Classes

The learning space works with children from 1.5 years to 5 years of age, over 3 classes.

We have our Mzizi (Toddlers 1.5 – 3yrs), Matawi (3,4 year olds) and our Lerai class (4,5 year olds).

We hold special events throughout the year such as sports days, literacy day, math and sequencing day, Easter activities, Christmas party along with school trips and performances.  The children take home a folio of their work and photos each term, a general report twice a year and a topic of inquiry report once a year – along with parent teacher conferences twice a year.

The Mzizi Class

The Mzizi kids explore their environment using visual and tactile modes daily.  The children partake in singing, in both Swahili and English with musical instruments every day, along with water and sand play, art and craft activities, physical education, sharing of books, toys and dressing up.   The children have a topic as their learning focus each term. Each child can attend with a carer or independently depending on the needs of the child.

The Mzizi class runs Mon – Thurs 9am – 12pm with a healthy snack of bread, fruit, carrots and porridge daily.

The Matawi and Lerai classes

The Matawi and Lerai kids have a solid foundation of language and math.  Both English and Swahili are used in class with translation as necessary; books are shared daily along with physical education games and creative play.  The learning is based around a topic of inquiry each term.  The children are given substantial time each day to explore their surroundings, play creatively, socialise and develop their own independence.

The Matawi and Lerai classed run Mon – Thurs 8:30am – 12:30 pm with a healthy snack of bread, fruit, carrots and porridge daily.