The Learning Space

Why our approach makes us special!

The Learning Space values early years education as some of the most important years of learning in one’s life, setting the foundation for their future.  We celebrate the early years, providing a service that allows the children to express themselves and value who they are by making the basis of our learning child centred, individualistic, bilingual (English and Swahili), international and inquiry based.   The children at the Learning Space come from expatriate families of many nationalities, middle-class Tanzanian families and local village families. All children are accepted, respected and loved and are given a fun, supportive and colourful education. Such an education fosters a child’s open-mindedness, tolerance and acceptance of differences. This foundation will take a child far in life. Our children are happy and love learning.

  • TLS children learn to inquire and question the world around them
  • TLS children learn to respect each other
  • Classes sizes are small
  • Each class has a teacher and co-teachers
  • We are bilingual
  • We are cross-cultural: Tanzanian culture is valued and celebrated within an international curriculum that equips children to be global citizens
  • We train teachers
  • We have a beautiful campus!
  • We are a model for other schools to promote good educational practice in early years education